My Name is Chromatic and Her Name is Cochan (MariKO Chan)^^

I am french and Cochan is a Japanese girl… From Tochigi!

I am a Music Producer & Photographer and She is Nurse!

We met and live in Tokyo.
We are super Otaku! All things in our life are Otaku Life i feel…

I think its the best life to have even some peoples in Japan seems to misunderstand it.

But Otaku means Passion for me and feeding our passion for everything is a good feeling!
Because “We have only One Life”.

Cochan was Love at First Sight for me ! lol
I like to tell that story because it was a surprise for me!
When i first saw cochan passing her face left side of my head i felt “Done” lol
I felt i can cancel any other meetings i had planed lol i will keep that cochan forever…
Well… for her it was not at first sight -_- but i told her “we you dont know yet but you will really love me” lol Then it became true after some weeks ! ^^,


Oh well its 10 years ago now that i had that feeling but i can remember it every day when i see cochan!
And i was right! She is the most funny and Nice woman in Japan (maybe the world but>>>)
When we meet someone new am enjoying to see that people are gonna like cochan always!
She is friendly and funny!

She have lots of Courage also ! More than me or any person i met before! She is pure ! ^^
AND Cochan can cook Anything!!
As you may feel Cochan is my Mascot lol


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