The Babysitter 2017 Review

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The Babysitter 2017 Review: A Really good 80s slasher for 2017…

The Babysitter 2017 review : That Movie…
That Movie was really cool… I don’t understand what happened lol.

I was not sure it would be as many Netflix movies lately were quite bland and boring for me.

But i gave it a chance and we kind of enjoyed it Cochan and Me!

Why I liked the Babysitter 2017

I never had a Babysitter myself sadly so i cant compare… lol But if it was today, i would like to get that one haha

  • Story

The Babysitter 2017 is Typical Slasher movie that use many of the codes set by 80’s and 90’s movies of that genre, the golden age of slasher i would say…

There is a Twist that come fairly early so i cant tell you too much without spoiler. So i would say simply one night a boy have a cool babysitter coming over to take care of him, then put him to sleep, but as the boy don’t really sleep he will find out the true nature of that babysitter. Simple enough?^^ Classic…

  • The Cast

Everyone was kind of good and Natural… i would say the 3 most memorable characters in the Babysitter 2017 are played by Samara Weaving who did look like a cool Babysitter indeed lol, Judah Lewis as almost a perfect 80s style kids and Bella Thorn, who had some funny lines ^^…

  • Tone of the Movie and Directing

The Babysitter 2017 was easy to watch, not too long and even if it was set in present time (iPhone and stuff) it really captured the spirit of 80’s Movies of that kind… Almost like “Fright Night” . It would be the closest movie i would think about…

The characters are all good and somewhat “lovable” or charming, (the movie is short so they are not extremely developed but you understand each personality soon because they are “usual” slasher movies characters and the beginning exposition is well made… with names on the screen and everything lol).

Many dialogues and situations were very funny…

  • Directing and Technicals of The Babysitter 2017

The Babysitter was well shot, Nice and Clean.

Editing was cool too without trying hard to be cool… I think that’s what that movie is, Cool and Fun without trying to be… The Color grading is very good and some accent color were well picked i felt…

Lighting is very good and make the movie look very good. Compared to the budget of the movie, it look like it costed more.

Also I don’t think its PG13 as some scenes are very bloody or… sometime bad taste (but without going too far… at least for me lol).

Strangely as bloody as some scenes are, it often will make you laugh in those moments lol

The music didn’t leave me much memories but it wasn’t bad i would say.

The Babysitter 2017 Review Screencap
The Babysitter 2017
  • The Verdict

Wll, The Babysitter 2017 was a very fun movie to watch and it was surprisingly super good and balanced. I don’t know why its surprising, maybe because by the Title, Main story and pictures you would feel probably “i saw already 50 movies like that one, most of them were terrible…).

It’s again one of those case where i see it got a rating of 5.5/10 average at “Rotten Tomato” and i feel, i don’t understand it… For me it’s not an “Average” Movie (5.5) as it reach his target : Entertaining you! For me its a 6.8 especially because it flow very well and feel even short…

I didn’t say its Genius or anything, but for a type of movie where often at the end we feel… “oh well….” this time i could feel “Wow cool… i really liked it” lol

Watch it! ^^

(I put the trailer but as usual i would recommend to watch just 30 seconds of it to get the tone of the movie, after what it may start to spoil too much of the story like every trailers of 2.30 minutes… )


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