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Because We Have Only One Life


  • Enjoy Otaku Life in Japan With Us...

    Enjoy Otaku Life in Japan With Us...

    The reason why we make that Website Cochan and Me is because we want to share our passion for Japan with as Many Otaku Friends as Possible, and All around the World! 

    Its a lot of work because We like a lot of things and so to write about each does take long time and lots of effort, but if you Enjoy reading what we write for you then its worth it! 

    Also as a Professional Photographer i care a lot about the quality of our pictures and all of them are Originals, took by Us for You! Unlike many website about Japan there NO stock pictures on our website! Only our Originals…

    With my Photography i like to capture the simple life of Peoples in Japan and share it with you in the best i can, each picture is prepared with care so i hope you will feel the difference and that you will feel like you saw those moment with your own eyes…  

    Dont hesitate to Comment, Share with your Otaku friends and tell us what you would like to see or what you would like to share yourself with us here, or on our Facebook Page! 

    If you want to know more, there is the “About Us” section on top of that page.


    Chromatic & Cochan
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