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  • Top 10 Japanese Youtube Channels we Like!

    Top 10 Japanese Youtube Channels we Like!

    Top 10 Japanese YouTube channels we enjoy Making a Top 10 Japanese youtube channels is a complicated matter… I have to say Youtube Japan is a very commercial place where most Youtubers are there for the money from day one. And they will do (and redo and reco and…) the same trends that attracted the most views before. In no particular order, ” Food Challenge”, “Mentos cola” until there is no mentos on earth it seems, all sort of stupid challenge… Some of them are specialised in just “Showing everything they buy” i feel… lol The UUUM Problem When you want to do a Top 10 Japanese Youtube Channels post a […]

  • Aeon Japan Mall have anything you may need really!

    Aeon Japan Mall Adventure in Tokyo

    Aeon Japan Mall Adventure with Cochan! Aeon Japan Mall is a famous chain of Mall and shops in Japan, there is probably some in every cities. They are popular places to hang out on the evening or week end for japanese families and couples! Often they include restaurants, cinemas and so on… Some days ago i went with Cochan to see some stuff in a Mall… In fact we were on a Quest to get Snacks for a World of Warcraft 4 days Marathon ^^ but we saw many other things of course! There was those new Mentos… Matcha Mentos! (Green Tea… ) There are the same price as normal […]

  • Ero Manga Sensei at Mandarake

    Manga Shopping in Tokyo at Book Off & Mandarake Ultimate Guide!

    Manga Shopping in Tokyo & The Manga Hunting Serie : What is it? Manga Shopping in Tokyo, is a quest lol its something i like to call Manga Hunting. I suppose that expression exist already but for me it started sometimes ago… and i really enjoy it lol I liked to sometimes order manga for cochan as a surprise for her days off! Because she love reading Manga since she is small. But she liked some styles only… so i enjoyed making her discover other mangas… Now she even Love Horror Manga! – Manga Shopping in Tokyo Vs The Dark Price Rising in Japan Lately on amazon, i feel the […]

  • retsuko

    Aggretsuko Season 2 2019! All About Season 1 and 2!

    Aggretsuko Season 2 is Coming! Learn Everything Aggretsuko! Aggretsuko Season 2 is awaited by many fans around the world… The first season was a Success for Netflix therefore the second season was green lit recently! Did you watch it ? Did you like it? Well i am gonna tell you everything i know! ^^ What is Aggretsuko Aggretsuko is a sanrio character. In Japanese its called ” aggressive retsuko ” It came on Japanese TV as an anime on April of 2016. It was just one minute short anime in Japanese TV program ” King’s brunch (Ousama no brunch) “. There were 100 episodes. Here are DVD of them. On April 2018, […]

  • The Babysitter 2017 critique

    The Babysitter 2017 Review

    The Babysitter 2017 Review: A Really good 80s slasher for 2017… The Babysitter 2017 review : That Movie… That Movie was really cool… I don’t understand what happened lol. I was not sure it would be as many Netflix movies lately were quite bland and boring for me. But i gave it a chance and we kind of enjoyed it Cochan and Me! Why I liked the Babysitter 2017 I never had a Babysitter myself sadly so i cant compare… lol But if it was today, i would like to get that one haha Story The Babysitter 2017 is Typical Slasher movie that use many of the codes set by […]

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